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What is Lexia?

Lexia Core5 and PowerUp are online reading programs.

Lexia provides students with the explicit instruction of foundational reading skills necessary for success. 

How does it work?

  A student begins working with skills personally identified as an area of need. They work independently while receiving three levels of online instruction and support. As students work their skill-aquisition and progress information are collected. Parents can check the data to determine areas of difficulty and access offline lessons and additional resources to help facilitate their child's learning.

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Why Choose Lexia?

Personalized path to success

Each student has their own individual learning path that is personalized to them so they can work independently and at their own pace

At home learning

Working with Lexia's reading programs is ideal when completed in the comfort of home using a computer, iPad or tablet

Engaging, research-based

 Motivating activities and colourful graphics provide a learning experience that's easy to engage in and proven to help students increase their reading proficiency

Want to learn more about the Lexia reading programs?

Below is a video to help you better understand the programs and how to get started


Support From CORE Tutoring

CORE Tutoring is proud to be a license provider for Lexia Core5 Reading and Lexia PowerUp Literacy. When Lexia is combined with CORE's professional tutoring services, parents will see substantial growth in their child's reading skills. Bi-weekly reports are provided to show progress and highlight skills your child is working to attain mastery with.  The data and resources provides targeted information to the parents to help facilitate your child's learning and ensure success.

Lexia Programs

Lexia Core5 Reading 

(For students in JK-grade 5)

Lexia Reading Core5 is an interactive computer program designed to help students master foundational reading skills.  It provides a systematic and structured approach to six critical areas (phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, automaticity fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) and provides students with a personalized learning path based on their abilities.  

To learn the scope and sequence of this program, click the button below

Lexia PowerUp Reading 

(Grade 6 and above)

Lexia PowerUp is an instructive computer program for students in grades 6 and above.  The program addresses 3 strands of literacy skills (Word study, Grammar and Comprehension). Students are presented with the skills and texts required to strengthen their foundational reading skills using material that is age-appropriate.

To learn the scope and sequence of this program, click the button below


Have a question about Lexia or want to get started? 


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